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Major Depression

Major depression can lead to feelings of desperation and hopelessness, and a suicide attempt is one way some people choose to express those feelings. A person who has depression does not think like a healthy person they don’t understand that there are other options available to relieve their suffering. While external circumstances, guilt, delusion, and the depth of depression are important they have much less influence on the individual’s decision of hopelessness.

There is a distinct link between tension, depression and suicide. Anxiety is the signal the ego sends out to warn of some internal conflict, which the person is experiencing. It is characterized by feelings of excessive fear, nervousness or worry that something bad might happen. Because anxious individuals find it difficult to explain what their problem is they can become depressed. As the problem becomes more intense they begin to give up and eventually consider suicide.  An overwhelming majority of individuals who commit suicide suffers from depression.

Warning signs:

  • Gives away all his belongings or attempts to get his affairs in order.
  • Direct or indirect threats to commit suicide.
  • Tell you there is nothing left to talk about
  • Tell you that you did all that could be done.
  • Loss of interest in things one cares about
  • Preoccupation with death

The most important thing to do is to provide support and develop a more constructive alternative.



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