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Aspects of Hypnosis

Body State -  The heart and blood pressure will slow down and body temperature will drop. Breathing becomes slow and regular and the body will feel still and calm. The muscles will feel loose and limp. Awareness of the body is lost and feels as if the body is floating. A feeling of numbness and heaviness.

Mind State - Could see strange visions or colours; it becomes foggy, driftly, dreamy or blank. Extraneous thoughts become less.

Learning Ability - Learning will be faster as learning requires concentration which hypnosis gives you. Increases ability to process things faster and see associations between things.

Memory Aspect - Greatly improves memory. Past events, things forgotten or hidden in the back of the mind easily remembered.

Estimation of Time -  Not immediate but very effective. Suggestions need to be repeated. Could be a few weeks to months. The mind will begin to process things more quickly and learn at a faster rate and accept suggestions to the subconscious mind more easily.

Access to Subconsious -  Suggestions enter more directly to the subconscious mind and are not rejected by negative thoughts. A person under hypnosis is more likely to accpept suggestions.

Alteration of Confidence - Negative, critical thinking is relaxed, and positive suggestions to change accepted. The mind is conditioned to change and people can develop new habits. The mind can be reconditioned and a person motivated to carry out certain responses.

Alteration of Self-Worth - More able to accept suggestions into the mind which affect you in a positive way.

by Meeka O'Brien - Dip.Clin.Hyp


NZ School of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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